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Daniel Haselwanter is an Austrian acoustic folk rock singer/songwriter. Since the age of 12 he has been writing his own music and has been singer and guitarist in several local bands. It was not until 2009 that he finally decided to have his first solo-album produced. His debut record "Between Lines" (released in June 2010) is a display of his various qualities as a songwriter and musician. It includes 14 songs that cover a rich variety of musical styles and a wide range of emotions. Supported by the Styrian musicians Chris Laber(Bass) and Martin Klement (drums), "between lines" contains progressive acoustic rock with powerful vocals ("hold on", “beyond the edge”) as well as invigorating experimental instrumental songs (“Marmara”, “Sternenhimmel”) and touching acoustic ballads (“near her”, “zu zweit”).
The large variety of moods that the songs communicate (e.g. personal determination, mourning, being in love, the love for natural beauty, travelling etc.) is just as unusual as the mix of different languages that his mostly contemplative lyrics are written in (English, German, Tyrolean dialect, Spanish).
Daniel’s affection for traditional and uncommon instruments is also strongly reflected on “between lines”. Bouzouki, udu drum, rainmaker, cajon and violin all add a refreshing touch of world music to the album. Currently he is finishing his second solo-album, called "Rolling Home Recordings", and planning to promote it on extensive tours through Europe.


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