Beautiful Exile

Daniel Haselwanter Band



A friend of a friend challenged me to write a song about the impressions and experiences at a friend's cottage in the middle of nowhere (in Finland). As anticipated, the place was total bliss. The song is like an auditory photograph for me.



Beautiful Exile


Alright now, here we are

So far, so far...

From any city, street or bar

With our eyes upon the stars


When we go fishing from a boat

The lake is shimmering like gold

I take in the beauty that unfolds

No greater peacefulness I've ever known


This little cottage in the wild

Gets me excited like a child

Hardly believe I may reside

in such a beautiful exile


Sauna's ready, let's get in

Make me sweat just like a Finn

When we're done we'll take a swim

I guess my soul is growing wings