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World Citizen Artists is a great International platform that I am proud to be a member of. It is a community of musicians, writers, painters, photographers who are trying to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues.

Human rights

Indigenous peoples all over the world are struggling not only to preserve their way of life but some are literally facing life-threatening situations (often caused by reckless corporations or even governments). Here is how you can help:

Children everywhere depend on the love and benevolence of grown-ups and a safe environment, yet unfortunately too many still face harsh and adverse conditions. Tomorrow's world will only be as good as our care for the youngest today. This is one NGO that I got to know through a dear Danish friend of mine who works for them:

Another trustworthy Austrian NGO:

If I was asked about any personal idols, I would certainly mention "Sir Vival", Rüdiger Nehberg. He has helped bring peace to the Yanomami (an indigenous people in Brazil) and is still relentlessly committing himself to the abolishment of the crime of female genital mutilation. Together with his wife he founded the Human Rights organisation "Target":

He still gives lectures in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. If you ever have the chance to attend one, grab the opportunity! He is a truly entertaining and inspiring person.

Planetary rights

"Sustainability" is more than just a vague and trendy term. It is about the challenge of making creative and necessary changes so that our species, as well as all the other (still) existing species, can continue living on this beautiful planet without exploiting and destroying it. This is why I support the following organisations/institutes: 

Animal rights

ARIWA-Animal Rights Watch- is a German NGO that devotes itself to the ethical treatment of animals, as well as to the revealing of intolerable living conditions and scandals:


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